Three Friends And Two Escorts

There were these three inseparable guys who had been friends since childhood. One of them had a birthday coming up and they decided to celebrate it differently this year. They exchanged ideas and decided to go to a club. They drank tequila and then decided to hire two girls from Charlotte escorts website. They went to the agreed hotel and all of them decided to engage in a group sex.

The three best friends were nervous as it was their first time to engage in group sex. When they sat on the bed, the two escorts sat between them and started chatting seductively while caressing their thighs. Within no time, the birthday boy was aroused by the tender touch from one escort and he responded by touching her thighs too. When the other two guys saw that they started touching the girl beside them. One escort laid on the bed and the other started kissing one guy. The other guys went to the escort lying on the bed and while one of them stuck his hard cock in her wet pussy, the other stuck his cock in her mouth.

The birthday boy lay down on the bed and one escort came over to him and climbed on top of him as she slipped his hard cock into her pussy. Another guy went behind her and fucked her anus in a doggy style. They exchanged the positions to ensure that each one of them was getting maximum pleasure. At some time, one guy would lie on the bed and one escort would come on top of him in a woman on top position while the other escort would lie next to him. The guy lying would use one of his hands to caress the girl next to him and the girl would enjoy double stimulation because another guy is licking her pussy. The escort on top would as well enjoy double stimulation because one of the guys is fucking her anus while touching the other breast and the other escort is massaging her nipple. They were kind enough to let each one enjoy fully, and even though they didn’t cum all at the same time, they enjoyed stimulation until of them cum. The night was fantastic and the best birthday night for the three friends.

These guys decided that this was definitely a new birthday tradition for them, and agreed that they would hire escorts from the same agency for the next celebration.

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